Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Retro Diva Zazzles!!

Hey Kids! Don’t think that my absence means nothing new to share. FAR from it. I have many projects in the works. MANY. As they develop I’ll be sure to let my readers know first!
Last week I decided that The Retro Diva needed a Zazzle store.
trdanchor Graphics design is another hobby of mine and what better way to have focused projects then to keep to The Retro Diva theme.
knitters angel heart

Sometimes I like to make things specific to various craft talents. This one is for all those knitting angels out there that do what I cannot! I have had the goal to learn how to knit for years and have yet to grasp it.
revolving butterfly

I will be posting updates with the latest on this project. As always I welcome all feedback.
If you have an idea that you’d like custom made- let me know!


josh healy said...

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