Monday, May 17, 2010

Mannequin vs. Human Head?

My sewing machine has a new home on the kitchen table for the time being before a proper sewing table/ space is created. I don’t mind, actually is the best sewing area I have had in a while and I thoroughly appreciate it.

012 I brought out my trusty sewing friend to help me with an idea I had for some hair clips I thought up last night.
This is the first of many to come:
009Always thinking of what’s next- listing the clip in my store- I wondered how to show what it looks like when worn. I’d like to be able to give ideas on hair styles and how to use the clip with them.
This brought up the question – Do I wear the clip? Someone else? Mannequin? Dog?  

Personally I really like the idea of the mannequin. 

A new search begins. A retro looking mannequin that can show off my hair accessories and allow me to practice up-do’s. 

Ideally, I would like the base to resemble these beautiful ladies:
blond mannFound @: NostalgicCorner on Etsy

black vintage head
vintage head
Found @: LBDK on Etsy

…but with hair. I think that is going to be the tricky part. A future project? Yes, I think so.

If you know where I may get a mannequin head with hair for a reasonable price please share!
What do you prefer: mannequin or human for a model?



it's me ...Twinkie Chan! said...

If you like those ladies, maybe you could buy one, and then find a cheap wig to style in the way you want.

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