Saturday, May 22, 2010

TRD Artist Spotlight: The Altered Head

I love, love, love talking with other artists- especially those that are interested in pinups and the rockabilly culture. I have found some amazing artists that just floor me with their abilities.

So, as an ongoing series  for this blog, I will be posting TRD Artist Spotlights as I find these wonderfully talented people the world must know about.

Starting with AlteredHead on Etsy.

altered head artist <--- Lisa Jeffers aka Altered Head

TRD: What is your background? Where are you from? What is your passion and what influenced you to start creating?

AH: I am from Maryland originally but re located to Phoenix, Arizona. My passion is to create something new each day. I come from a family background of artists that have inspired me from within. I have realized over the years that my creativity and uniqueness was in my genes all along and that all I had to do was "just add water".

 collagegreeting card
TRD: What inspires you to create? What is your favorite tool to use when crafting?

AH: I am inspired by several different mediums . I have a certain fondness for female anatomy and beauty. Most of my assemblage, collage, ACEO and artists trading cards feature Victorian nudes and retro pin up girls. I love to incorporate various found items, color and various metal bits to add a 3D effect.

collage 2 collage 3

TRD: Who/what motivated you to sell your art online?

AH: Motivation to sell online came from a dear friend who has a shop here on Etsy. She has truly motivated me and supported my networking efforts .

TRD:  What is your goal with your craft/store?

AH: My goal is to share my creativity with others. All of my proceeds (which have mostly been from private sales), go toward supplies. I do this for fun and although sales are paramount to some, it is not the end all be all for me.

collage 4

TRD: Any words of advice for fellow artists  and artisans?


I love AlteredHeads awesome work and think it would look lovely on my very bare walls! It may just be there one day.



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